Invest in your well-being and healthy lifestyle today so tomorrow you can:

  • Have more energy (it is draining to feel emotionally miserable!)
  • Save money
  • Heal anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  • Reach your health & wellness goals
  • Enjoy fulfilling relationships

Think about how much money and time you spend right now on avoiding your concerns, worries, and anxieties. If you are ready to start growing, contact us for counseling services!


Sessions with Masters Level Counselor:
50-minute session: $100 to $125 
50-minute Saturday session: $175

Sessions with Licensed Counselor:
    50-minute session: $150 to $175
    50-minute Saturday session: $200
    80-minute Intake session (only some providers): $225

Sessions with Licensed Art Therapist:
    50-minute session: $175
    80-minute session: $225

Sessions with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (for medication management):
    30-minute follow-up session: $200
    60-minute Intake session: $350

Note: At TNMW, if you are seeing a Masters Level Counselor (Under Supervision), know that we are very selective in our hiring process and work extremely closely with the supervising clinician to ensure their development and the quality of the treatment that they are delivering. We set the private pay per session rates for these counselors significantly lower than our seasoned and licensed therapists. This can mean significant financial savings when looking at the long-term costs of seeking treatment. 


Insurance is not accepted. Cash, check and all major credit cards are accepted as forms of payment.

However, a Superbill is provided at the end of each month which clients can submit to their insurance for potential reimbursement of all or partial session fees for therapy services only. Many insurance plans will reimburse at least part of the session fee, so we encourage you to check with your plans “out of network reimbursement policy”. 

Read about our Insurance Policies