Medication Management

Sometimes clients need extra help with regulating their emotions and mood.

When extra mental health support through medication - this can help some clients stabilize their emotions enough for them to do the deeper healing and transformation work. 

Maybe you have had one of the following thoughts:

“Will I always feel this way?” 
“I’ve tried all medications and nothing works.”
“I feel trapped, full of dread , no motivation.. help.”

 Seeking help for mental health is difficult, you can’t do it alone, let us help.
Through collaboration, you can have the life you desire.


How Can Medication Management Therapy Help?

  • Prescription medication for mental health diagnoses, including depression, anxiety, bipolar II, substance use disorders, ADHD.
  • Personalized, concierge care with direct access to your medical provider (Marilyn Haymaker and Ilu Admin - psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners).
  • Thorough, in-depth assessments and diagnoses.

Our Approach

Marilyn takes her time in each of her sessions. She says, “I really listen to my patients’ concerns and symptoms, and after we decide on a treatment plan, I spend as much time as it takes for the patient to understand their diagnoses, symptoms, and medication.”

Receive Medication Management in Gallatin, TN

We are passionate about serving the mental health needs of our community, including medication needs. You deserve the support, respect, and understanding you need to heal and grow. Our team of caring therapists will help provide support, understanding, and respect. If you’re ready to begin your counseling journey with our Gallatin, TN-based therapy practice, please follow these steps:


Contact TN Mental Wellness.


Receive Medication Management from one of our caring therapists.


Get the support, respect, and understanding you need to heal and grow.

Other Services Offered with TN Mental Wellness

Medication Management therapy isn’t the only service offered by our Gallatin, TN-based practice. Our practice offers various counseling services to support you and your mental health. Our team is happy to offer counseling for teens, art therapy, divorce recoverypostpartum treatment, and brainspottingOther mental health services offered include health coaching, divorce support groups, online courses, and corporate seminars. Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog or FAQs page today!

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