LGBTQIA+ Therapy in Gallatin, TN

You have been facing your challenges alone for long enough.

You’re struggling to feel understood by family, friends, and co-workers. Or, you have found your community, but you’re still not quite sure how to navigate all the challenges that come with being your authentic self.

You may be having trouble accepting yourself and feeling confident in who you are.
Or, you’re struggling with advocating for yourself. You have struggles like everyone else but do not have a safe place to talk about them. You’re just wanting to be seen, heard, and valued. You’re unsure where to turn, but you know you need help.


As an individual of the LGBTQIA+ community, you know that you are so much more than your gender identity or sexual orientation. 

How Can LGBTQIA+ Therapy Help?

As an individual of the LGBTQIA+ community, you know that you are so much more than your gender identity or sexual orientation. You’re multifaceted, and you face challenges every day like everyone else. But, you may find it harder to find a safe place to talk about your challenges.
LGBTQIA+ therapy can help give you the safe and supportive environment you need. Here, you can share about and face these challenges. This is important because statistics show that the LGBTQIA+ community experiences mental health struggles at a higher rate. So, leaving these challenges unaddressed can lead to trauma, anxiety, and depression.

Why Might Someone Seek Out LGBTQIA+ Therapy?

There are many reasons an individual may seek LGBTQIA+ therapy. It can vary from only needing some support on navigating everyday struggles to needing help with more specific issues.

Some common reasons include:

  • Family challenges
  • Acceptance of & advocating for oneself
  • Finding community
  • Mental health struggles
  • Transitioning

These are only a few of the reasons that someone might seek out LGBTQIA+ therapy. But, it is important to note that everyone’s experience is different.

Family Challenges

As counselors, we understand that challenges within your family may cause you to feel unloved, unseen, or unheard. You might wonder how you fit into your family. That’s where the support of counseling comes in. Working with an LGBTQ therapist in a safe space to talk about your family dynamics can help you to understand and accept yourself more.

Accepting & Advocating For Yourself

If you’re having trouble advocating for yourself, you might not know how to ask for what you need and want. You may be settling for less than what you deserve. It may lead to unhealthy boundaries in relationships. Or, a feeling of being taken advantage of. In LGBTQIA+ therapy, you will have someone who will be in your corner to cheer you on and help you learn how to advocate for yourself healthily.

Lack of Community

You may feel like you don’t fit in anywhere or are alone on your journey. It’s important to have a community that understands and accepts you. During LGBTQ therapy, you will have the chance to talk about your struggles in finding or staying connected to the community. Your counselor will also help you to develop a plan to find or create the community you want.

Our Counselors are Here to Support You

There may be many reasons you are seeking counseling, but one thing is for sure- our counselors are here to support youOur counselors have experience working with people that are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. We have had many individuals come to us for help with their struggles. Some of which have made them feel unloved, unseen, or unheard.
They weren’t sure what steps to take next, but they knew that they needed some support. With the help of LGBTQIA+ therapy and our caring therapists, they can face their challenges. All while knowing that they are being seen, supported, and valued. Learn more about being an LGBTQIA+ Ally here.

Our Approach to LGBTQIA+ Therapy

You deserve support, understanding, and respect. At TN Mental Wellness, we know you are more than your sexual orientation or gender. You face the same challenges as everyone else, but you may find it harder to talk about them. That’s why we provide affirmative therapy in a safe environment for you to share your struggles. We want to help you understand and accept yourself so that you can live a life that feels authentic to you.

You’re Allowed to Be You

At TN Mental Wellness, our counselors will help you connect to a community for support so you can grow your network. Our goal is for you to embrace who you are. We want you to feel that you have a counselor who sees you, respects you, and will help you on your journey to wellness. This is why we have a counselor who has received extensive training in working with the LGBTQIA+ community and is an LGBTQIA+ advocate. So, you don’t have to worry about being understood or respected. You just have to be you.


Begin LGBTQIA+ Therapy in Gallatin, TN

You deserve the support, respect, and understanding you need to heal and grow. Our team of caring therapists will help provide support, understanding, and respect. If you’re ready to begin your counseling journey with our Gallatin, TN-based therapy practice, please follow these steps:


Contact TN Mental Wellness.


Begin LGBTQIA+ therapy with one of our caring therapists.


Get the support, respect, and understanding you need to heal and grow.

Other Services Offered with TN Mental Wellness

LGBTQIA+ therapy isn’t the only service offered by our Gallatin, TN-based practice. Our practice offers various counseling services to support you and your mental health. Our team is happy to offer counseling for teens, art therapy, divorce recoverypostpartum treatment, and brainspottingOther mental health services offered include health coaching, divorce support groups, online courses, and corporate seminars. Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog or FAQs page today!