Divorce Recovery

Transforming Through Betrayal and Divorce:

Heal your heartbreak. Uncover your strengths. Create the life of your dreams.

If your marriage is ending, that is a painful experience, but it can also be a transformative one. We help people transform through betrayal and heartbreak so they can experience the life of their dreams.


"When you turn the corner and you run into yourself, then you know that you have turned all the corners that are left." - Langston Hughes

In the Divorce Recovery process, we will cover specific steps:

Part I - Understanding Trauma:
  Gain insights into the nature of trauma.
•  Explore how divorce trauma has uniquely impacted you.
•  Equip yourself with essential tools for healing.


Part II - Uncover Your Strengths:
•  Develop tools for healing.
•  Reconnect with loved ones.
•  Uncover and harness your inner strengths.
•  Rediscover and connect with your core values.


Part III - Create the Life of Your Dreams:
•  Continue utilizing tools for healing.
•  Embrace and get excited about being your authentic self.
•  Develop a personalized plan for creating your best life post-divorce.

Counseling can help every step of the way - from working through the decision to stay or go, to healing the emotional turmoil of divorce, to rebuilding your new life post-divorce.

Begin Divorce Recovery in Gallatin, TN

Your journey from hurt to healing starts here. To embark on your path to a renewed and empowered life, please follow these steps:


Contact TN Mental Wellness.


Meet with a caring therapist about divorce recovery.


Start your journey to transform hurt into healing.

Other Services Offered with TN Mental Wellness

Our practice offers various counseling services to support you and your mental health. Our team is happy to offer counseling for teens, art therapy, divorce recovery, postpartum depression, medication management, and brainspotting. Other mental health services offered include health coaching, divorce support groups, online courses, and corporate seminars. Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog or FAQs page today!