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Is Counseling Right For Your Teen?

As a parent of three teenagers, I understand the turmoil of parenting kids in this stage of life.

A teen rests her head against her hands while sitting with an upset expression. Learn more about teenage counseling in Gallatin, TN by searching "counseling for teens near me" or contacting a teenage therapist in Gallatin, TN today.Adolescence is a time for our teens to learn about themselves. Their likes, dislikes, abilities, and talents, who they are in relationships, what their limits are, and how they respond in different situations. Especially with fewer limits than they had when they were children. As parents, we want to give our children more freedom to explore themselves and their lives. But, that doesn’t come easily. Many of us worry, sometimes too much, about our teens’ well-being. Is my teen safe? Are they making good choices? Are they happy? Is my teen receiving fair treatment from their teachers, coaches, and peers? Are they kind to others? Are they learning all the lessons we’ve hoped to teach them?

If your teen seems to be struggling, it can be hard to know if these are “normal” teenage ups and downs. Or, if they are experiencing deeper underlying emotional or relationship issues.

How do you know if your teen could benefit from teenage counseling?

A question I often get asked by parents is – how do I know if and when it’s time for my teen to attend teenage counseling? Here is a general rule of thumb to know if your teen (or you, as their parent) could benefit from therapy. When emotions, actions, or relationships are getting in the way of living the kind of life you want to be living, your teen (or you) could benefit from therapy

Signs that therapy can be helpful for you:

  • Something in your life is causing worry or distress or getting in the way of living the life you want to live. 
  • I don’t feel good about where my life is going
  • Things don’t feel good to me, or that I’m confused about
  • I feel worried all the time
  • I’m angry all the time
  • I’m having thoughts about things that have happened, or worried about things that might happen.
  • Things are difficult at home

A hand reaches out in support to a teen sitting against a tree. Learn more about how a teenage therapist in Gallatin, TN can offer support with counseling for teens in Gallatin, TN today. We offer a variety of services including teenage counseling and more.Reasons teens might attend teenage counseling:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Worrying a lot
  • Difficult or traumatic experiences
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Decisions about future choices
  • Relationships (romantic, bullying, family, gender identity, who you love or who you are attracted to).

Types of therapy we use when working with teens:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that there is a clear link between thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. For example, a teen who thinks they are socially awkward may then experience anxiety and avoid social interactions. CBT works by helping teens learn to identify their automatic negative thoughts. Then, it helps replace them with helpful, realistic ones. CBT helps teens learn how to interpret their environment in different ways, and is a short-term treatment. This approach focuses on the problem. This means it deals with issues in the present, or helps the teen with problems going on now. Past trauma or very stressful experiences are not dealt with in CBT. So, this is a very effective treatment for current problems such as:

  • Stress
  • Communication
  • Self-esteem
  • Addictive or self-destructive behaviors
  • Anxieties and fears


Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (RBT) is a form of CBT. It involves the same principles as CBT. But, with the addition of action-oriented approaches to help not only cope with adversity and difficult emotions but also to achieve the teens’ goals. RBT addresses attitudes, unhealthy emotions, and maladaptive behaviors that get in the way of the teen achieving his or her goals. This can often include procrastination, unhealthy eating, and addiction.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an approach that is helpful for teens who are struggling with emotional challenges. ACT helps teens learn to identify, understand, and accept their emotions without judgment. By doing so, to improve psychological flexibility. This skill helps teens regulate their emotions and overcome negative self-talk.

A teen sits with their dog as they watch the sunset. This could represent the hope cultivated through teenage counseling in Gallatin, TN. Contact a teenage therapist in Gallatin, TN today to learn more about counseling for teens and other services today.IPT

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT) is based on the idea that improving relationships can help relieve symptoms of depression. It helps with difficulties in relationships by addressing problems with loneliness, grief, trauma, transitions, and unhelpful relationships. IPT helps teens relieve the distress they feel. It is shown to be an effective treatment for depression among adolescents

Begin Teenage Counseling in Gallatin, TN

Your teen faces many unique and challenging experiences as they grow. You and your child deserve support in coping with these challenges, and our team of caring therapists would be honored to support you . We are happy to offer support from our Gallatin, TN-based therapy practice. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:
  1. Meet with a caring therapist
  2. Start receiving the support you and your teen deserve

Other Services Offered with Tennessee Mental Wellness

Teenage counseling isn’t the only service offered at our Gallatin, TN-based therapy practice. We understand you may experience a variety of mental health concerns. This is why we are happy to offer support with mental health services including anxiety treatment, art therapy, divorce recovery , postpartum treatment , and brainspotting . Other services offered include health coaching , divorce support groups , online courses , and corporate seminars . Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog or FAQs page today.