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Six Weeks to Transform Your Relationship to Food, Exercise, and to Improve Your Body Image

Change your Mindset, Change your Habits, and Improve your Health with our Wellness Coaching Groups. 

Groups are limited to 10 participants and are run by Emily Runyan, LMFT, former certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Weight Management Specialist

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Can you relate to this cycle?


You decide to get healthier or lose weight. You’ve thought about it for a while, but you’ve finally reached a point when you decide to take action.


You start a diet or new workout plan. You’re energized and motivated and think that this time, you’ll actually stick to your plan.


Somewhere deep down, you wonder if you really have what it takes to stick with the new plan. But you brush those fears aside…


Meanwhile, your plan feels harder and harder to stick with. You either white knuckle your way through, feeling grouchy and miserable, or you start “falling off the wagon.” And then, you resolve to “do better” and get back to your plan.


Sooner or later, you get to the “screw it” point, when the plan goes completely out the window, and you end up rebound-bingeing or stopping any and all healthy habits.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

This is the all-or-nothing trap many people fall into when trying to lose weight or get healthier. Why does this happen?? Do you lack willpower? Are you lazy? Do you have an addiction to sugar/carbs or the couch??

The answer is a definitive NO.

If you struggle to lose weight or maintain healthy habits, YOU are not broken or deficient. The plan is not a good fit for you because it doesn’t consider your lifestyle, food preferences, hunger patterns, or your unique strengths and limitations. That is why trying to “white knuckle” your way through is a sure way to end up right back where you started!


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot


Change Your Mindset to Increase Your Motivation

You aren’t lacking in motivation! If you think about it, you have plenty of motivation to do many challenging things in your life. You’ve already overcome challenges and accomplished significant goals in your life, so you know you’re capable. The difference is that you are motivated to work hard toward goals you can achieve. This is a difference in mindset. How you think about yourself with weight loss or health habits will fuel motivation or sabotage your efforts. We will work with you to notice those self-defeating thoughts and change your mindset to accomplish your health goals. 

Learn to Work With, Instead of Against, Your Body

If you’ve been around the dieting block, you’ve probably experienced trying to force your body to be okay with long bouts of hunger, grueling workouts, or eating food that is “healthy” but doesn’t excite you. We will help you learn to eat and move your body in Intuitive ways, meaning that you eat in response to your body’s hunger and fullness cues and based on what foods feel most fulfilling and energizing. You’ll meet yourself where you are, taking into account your unique preferences, abilities, and limitations. You’ll feel empowered to know that you can get healthier, lose weight, AND do it without suffering. Weight loss may be a side effect of learning to eat Intuitively, especially if you’re changing from a long period of eating emotionally or eating foods that are draining your mood and energy. Switching to foods that energize you and eating in response to hunger and fullness can help your body reach its desired weight naturally and lovingly. Your body is wise and wants you to treat it with care. We will help you learn to listen to your body–your physical and emotional cues–so you can get healthier while connecting more with yourself from the INSIDE OUT. 

Stop Binge or Emotional Eating FOR GOOD

What is emotional eating? It’s when you eat for any reason other than hunger: boredom, social pressure, loneliness, stress, sadness, happiness. Not all emotional eating is unhealthy, but if you’ve developed a habit of regularly eating in response to emotions rather than physical hunger, your health goals may be getting in the way.

Binge eating is eating for reasons of hunger or emotions but beyond the point of fullness and feeling out of control while eating. Some people describe feeling “zoning out” or “numbing out” while binge eating. Emotional and Binge eating can bring shame and self-loathing. We will help you implement more healthy coping strategies to deal with the emotions that may be fueling emotional or binge eating. Together, we will create different patterns so you can feel more confident and connected within yourself and with others.

Create Healthy Habits You Can Maintain For Life

When willpower is replaced with habit, your behavior change switches from “white knuckling” to “autopilot” and will then last long-term. You already know how to create and maintain habits–you get dressed every morning, brush your teeth, take care of work or school or family responsibilities, pay your bills, take care of pets, and do many things throughout your day that are “automatic” and habitual.  At some point, those behaviors became effortless because they became HABITS. When you create a new habit, it requires some amount of motivation in the beginning, but over time, it can become automated. There are strategies for timing and type of behaviors that help you make them into habits more easily. Our Wellness Coaching helps you learn the “hacks” of psychology for forming and maintaining new habits so you can sustain your healthy lifestyle long-term.


Wellness Coaching Group Details

Mondays at Noon and Thursdays at 5 pm
Groups are 6 weeks; the cost is $200 for ALL 6 weeks!
(Significant savings compared to individual therapy sessions)

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