Helping Your Child Thrive: Compassionate Children's Therapy for Ages 5-15

Our experienced therapists support children and families in navigating life's challenges and promoting positive growth.

At TN Mental Wellness, we understand the struggles that parents and families face when their children are experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties. Our team of dedicated therapists specializes in working with children ages 5-15, providing a safe, non-judgmental space for them to express their feelings and develop healthy coping strategies.

Girl and therapist

Our Approach

  • Individualized therapy tailored to each child's unique needs
  • An eclectic approach incorporating play, art, movement, music, and poetry
  • Trauma-informed care for children who have experienced medical trauma or other difficult life events
  • Support for children with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other neurodiverse diagnoses
  • Collaboration with parents to provide tools and strategies for understanding and supporting their child's needs.

What to expect?

We know that seeking therapy for your child can be daunting. At TN Mental Wellness, we prioritize creating a warm, welcoming environment where your child feels, seen, heard, and supported. Our therapists have years of experience connecting with children and helping them healthily process their emotions.


We also work with parents, offering education and guidance on how to engage with your child and promote family dynamics. Our goal is to find the right therapist fit for your child, so they can do the necessary work to thrive.

If your child is struggling, you don't have to face it alone. Contact TN Mental Wellness today to schedule a consultation and learn how our compassionate therapists can support your child and family on the path to healing and growth.