Rebekah Near, LPAT

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Licensed Professional Art Therapist
$165 per 50 minute session

Rebekah Near is a Licensed Professional Art Therapist. She specializes in helping children, adults and families work through grief, conflict, depression and anxiety, through experiential art therapy.

Are you looking for something different? Art therapy aims at getting to the authentic root of  issues with individuals and groups through the arts using the arts as its basis for discovery and change. Art therapy integrates the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing, play and other creative processes to foster personal transformation.This unique therapy style assists in coping through major life changes and helps to increase self-care and mindfulness.  In our art therapy sessions we will engage the full range of emotions associated with life’s obstacles.

No artistic skill is needed, just a willingness to be open to the process. The creative process of generating art during a traumatic time offers an opportunity for transformation and making connections. The real work in healing does not come when we merely tell our stories. They need to be seen, to be experienced. The arts help us to find a greater range of play and bear witness to what emerges(Near 2009). There is no way to do it wrong.

Art therapy is hands-on and experiential, using simple, accessible tools and materials. The expressive arts are designed to promote self-discovery and support moving through day-to-day life’s joys and challenges with a bit more grace and comfort. Activities are tailored to the individual needs of participants. Engagement in mindful and creative tasks can help us find the “flow” state, where we can let go of past and future worries, and just be in the present moment. This connection helps rewire our nervous systems and create accessible pathways to a relaxed state. These creative tools can also offer a surprising change of perspective and allow for new self discoveries.

The expressive arts allow us to enter our grief, building bridges between our emotions and intellect. The act of creating crystalizes an individuals story allowing them to see it in a new light (Near 2012).

Art Therapy Specialties

Grief & Loss

  • •Life threatening illness of self or loved one

  • •Death of a loved one – bereavement

  • •Death of a pet

  • •Perinatal Loss

  • •Transitions – postpartum mothers

  • •Separation due to;

    • ✴ Divorce

  • ✴Military deployment

  • ✴Sibling separation in life threatening illness- hospitalization stays

Wellness/ Self-care

Anxiety/ Depression

Who can benefit form expressive Art Therapy

  • •Individual for children and teens (ages 5 – 21years of age)

  • •Adults

  • •Group

  • • Healthcare professionals

  • •Community support

Other Session Offerings

  • •Pet Therapy is offered in conjunction with expressive arts coaching

  • •Walk and Talk

  • •Nature-art based

Rebekah Near, CAGS, LPAT, is a certified expressive arts coach, licensed professional art therapist, artist, author and educator. She has worked for several years in the hospice and pediatric palliative care arena, integrating expressive arts into the field of Thanatology. Rebekah is an international and national presenter on the expressive arts and grief. She has also taught the expressive arts at Bard College, Saint Rose College, New York Expressive Arts, and Sumner Academy.  Rebekah believes that unlike any other method the arts offer unique ways of understanding ourselves and the world around us. 


Rebekah consults on integration  expressive arts theory and techniques into a variety of settings: hospitals, pediatric palliative care, hospice facilities / homecare, clinics, and schools.


Rebekah offers clinical supervision for individuals seeking licensure under the Licensed Creative Arts Therapy in New York State as well as art therapists and expressive arts therapists for ATR/ REAT.


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This therapist is not yet taking online appointment requests. To schedule an appointment, call 615-510-4551, or email

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